Meet the Popalope

A jackalope hung in my office for many years, mostly as a reminder to avoid eBay when drinking. Then it migrated out to the patio for a party, and stayed there through several seasons. By last year it was looking pretty sad. The ears were curled up like dead leaves, and the pelt looked gnawed in places. Mrs. M, animal lover that she is, decided to bring it in for an overhaul. The result was nothing short of miraculous: the Popalope.

From his See in Shinola, the Popalope now reigns supreme as the spiritual leader of jackalopes everywhere, as well as wolpertingers, skvaders, and related cryptids. His favorite movie is Night of the Lepus, and his favorite color is blood. He is immune to the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, but he has been known to take an occasional dram of whiskey, and enjoys being scratched between the horns, especially during electrical storms. 



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