(Gun)Fire on the Mountain

deadnra_smallI can’t believe I’m the first one to think of this, but don’t these two American icons go together like pie and cheese? Like baseball and steroids? Like a bacon veggie-burger and a tall glass of Kool-Aid? If guns become hip, will only hippies have guns? Does the right to arm bears extend to dancing bears? 

Sorry I don’t have any merch for sale yet, but in the meantime feel free to download the large version of this image and print up your own stickers. They’re perfect for the back window of your car or truck and bound to confound the authorities, who may have to think twice now before pulling you over.


4 Responses to (Gun)Fire on the Mountain

  1. dawn says:

    It makes complete sense! These two images are as American as The Grateful Dead and the Hell’s Angels who ran their shows.

  2. Abbadon says:

    Thanks for the Stealie…

  3. Zooomabooma says:

    I’ll second my friend Abbadon — Thanks! That is way cool. And in honor of, here’s a cool pic of Pigpen packin’ heat.

    and a transcription from:
    The Grateful Dead Family Album
    by Jerilyn Lee Brandelius

    “There was a time a while back, which seems alternately like a second or a century, when the Dead used to get together socially more often than they do now . . . and some of these events were so exalted that it’s hard to believe they ever stopped. These parties included such structures as the ultra conservative ‘Black and White Ball’ and the redneck shootouts at Billy’s ranch when the drummers hung cymbals and gongs from the trees and everyone blazed away at them with rifles and shotguns. In those days everyone rode horses and owned at least one rifle and one sidearm, so that 30 or 40 guns fired continuously for an hour or so, shredding the Zildjians and bringing the Sheriff. Any excuse for a party–holidays, birthdays, Fridays, solstices, weddings . . . or just for the hell of it.”

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